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Adieu pals, adieu…

My dear friends,
It has been a very good time with you all. All those likes and comments, they all meant a lot to me. You all inspired me very much ! And I thank you my dear friends with all my heart. But I am very sorry to say that this is my last post for this year. The next one will be on April 2017. You may be having questions but I can only answer them after one year. I have something big this year and for that I need to sacrifice my time. Sorry. See you after one year…

For what she called Love

You asked me if I could help you a bit.
I said, “Why not? Just say it”.
You said that you were in something which you called love,
You wanted to confess it, but for you it was tough;
You requested for my advice,
And I felt like I was very wise.
I said, “A beautiful handwritten note and a flower will do.
But holding his hands, looking into his eyes and saying few worthy words would work too”.
You said thanks and blushed away,
I said welcome and moved on my way.
The very next day again you asked me.
You were hiding something in your heart I could see;
Repeating that same previous advice I said, “There is nothing more required”;
“But, what if I give him a gift?”, you inquired;
I just nodded, there’s nothing I wanted to say,
You started stalking me everyday.
Finally one day you drew of the curtain,
You said something which I wasn’t certain!
You said that you fell in love with me!
I thought how on earth that could be?
You said, “I love you very much!”.
But I wasn’t sure if it was really such
I didn’t say anything,
But you waited as for you the answer was everything,
I had no thoughts, I had no answers
Girl, I was completely nervous
The very next day on a big trouble did my mind land,
As to my horrible shock, I found you bandaged your hand!
My friends informed that you used a blade!
My heart and mind was furious,
I had no idea you were so serious!
But girl, one thing I was really sure
I wasn’t having that thing which you called love, but I was afraid of this truth, would you be able to endure?
I discussed with my mom and dad,
I was their friend more than their lad;
They were always good and nice,
In such complicated advice.
“Son, no need to be afraid,
Just let her know what you feel”, my dad said.
“But don’t go hard”, he was a knowledgeable man;
“Be soft and polite, be a gentleman.
Tell her the time is not right
Now, we have left to reach many height.
For now stay as a friend,
If not, there are many things which you will offend”
I met her the next day,
And said what my dad did say.
Of course she was broken,
But it was the only road left for me to be taken.
I must say that my dad was really right,
for that thing which she called love, she didn’t ever fight.
But still I can see a pleasant light,
Whenever her eyes are in my sight.

This incident happened when I was in 7th grade. I composed this poem today morning (1st April, 2016) around 9 am even before washing my face after waking up! 😀 haha… Yeah, I woke up a little late. 🙂

I vow to make you proud

Just before few years,
I was spending nights with my eyes full of tears.
Hiding my unsatisfactory sob under my old blanket
A proper education was what I thought I will never get.
Oh, my mom and dad,
Your son wasn’t a bad lad.
To them just I wanted to give a shoulder
To relief my family lifting the financial boulder.
Oh Dad, you sold dry fish, I helped you.
Oh Dad, you sold tomatoes, I went too.
Oh Dad, you sold veggies, I joined you.
Oh Dad, you sold fresh fish, with you I sold too.
Gave away all my to make every work well done.
You felt proud, You had a good son!
Oh Mom, everything in my mind still stays
What you used to say in my working days,.
Good Lord! These words reincarnates everything!
Damn! Of those worn out days, I am seeing every single thing!
Hell! I am seeing one of those nights.
Five of us sleeping in that same room,
Lying on that same old quilt on the floor.
Four years has completely past.
I have completely changed.
No longer that good lad
Of proud mom and dad.
Now I go to school,
But I don’t know, in some aspects I have become a fool;
While I have so much of facilities
With so many possibilities,
Driven by people and unimportant desire, I fooled around all these days.
Oh! Those haunting memories of those days still stays.

Few weeks before-

Dad said, “Have you forgotten how you used to cry?”
He is right, I was forgetting with every single day passing by.
Mom said, “You are hopeless”.
Yes, I hurt her much by going against her will and I deserve the title I guess.
One of my favourite teacher said, “You Failed as a School Captain”
I agree ma’am, I sincerely agree you didn’t expect that from a Captain and I don’t complain.
They said it right,
And now clearly I can see the light.
I admit, I made some terrible mistakes.
And I vow to fix it no matter whatever it takes!
I will not discus on my wrong deeds,
What you think is on what your focus feeds.
I will bring that proudness back!
Working days and nights on whatever I lack.
When all will be done,
Mom and Dad this time you’ll know,
You also have a brave son!
And again I say that I vow to make you proud.
Oh my dear Mom and Dad, I vow to make you proud.
I vow to make you proud…

It is a Sad story

It is a sad story,
Which always stayed in my memory.
She was my dear
With whom I had no fear.
She was my best friend ever.
She told me she had met anyone like me never.

We were on a walk;
With the evening sun glowing bright.
We were in an exciting chat.
With a painful sudden shock-
I found there were blood in my sight.
But our hands were there still holding tight.

Laying beside me on the road,
And her head still bleeding
She said, “Hey dear, it’s nothing to fear
Because I am here…“.
After that what she said I couldn’t clearly hear.

As I woke up in the hospital room
I asked the nurse, “How is my friend?“.
She replied, “Are you feeling good little girl?“.
I asked you how is my friend?“.
This time before she could answer
My mom and dad rushed inside with a doctor.

They took me to her room.
I saw her laying in the bed.
With bandages round her head.
The doctor said, “She has just a little time left!“.
Before I could say a word
She said, “Hey, are you going to cry?
You are not that little girl.
I know I am going to die.
But I don’t fear
As you are here.
But if you are going to cry, I won’t be able to bear
As you know, you are my dear“.
And she smiled with tears rolling down her eyes.

I was speechless, I was senseless.
I just hugged her tight.
And said, “Hey, it’s nothing to fear
Because I am here“.
But she was no more there.
She had gone far away
Crushing my heart and breaking her promise.

She was a brave girl and my best friend.
So, it was a sad story
And it would always stay in my memory.



I wrote this poem visualizing myself as a little girl as I wanted to find it out that I being a teenage boy myself, can create the picture of a poor little girl grieving for her lost best friend or not?

I hope you guys liked it.

19th Century’s Girl

Oh! It’s a Girl!
All men and women got tears in their eyes.
They were not of joy,
But of dreadful sadness cries.

Now raise this Girl
As fast as you can
No matter she is just six or seven,
Make her work all twenty four seven.

Beat her like animals till terrible pain;
For she should not make mistakes again.
Make her soft bones carry load all day and night.
If she broke, she wasn’t strong, if she survived, she did it right!

Girl, now you are of thirteen years.
A time for you to face all fears.
But don’t worry, it is nice, its name is marriage;
You are going to be carried on a carriage.

“They” will get you the Worst Groom!
With the Best Bargain!
Go, enjoy the torture again.
He is just twenty to forty years older than you!

He will be nice;
He will die before you die.
And if your in-laws are nice,
They will teach you a new duty of worthy price.

Sati is its name.
But it’s pretty sad,
That you may not know-
That it’s all your in-laws’ game!

So, You lived a live so beautiful
With every second so stressful,
And died with a burning body so painful.
Now your in-laws are enjoying what they call happiness,
As they got all, with the plan they made from their mind of wickedness.
This poem is for all those helpless Indian girls who suffered child marriage and died because of Sati. It was an evil and horrible practice in which after the death of a husband his wife was forced to jump on his burning body and give her life. Though the title of my poem is “19th Century’s Girl”, this practise had been started even before that. I had wrote this poem as a part of my school History Project between May – June, 2015.

I am Standing

In the midst of this crowd
This crowd on insults.
I am standing.
Facing every blow,
Withstanding the utter bitterness.
I am standing.
Listening to their curses.
Apolizing for my every guilt they’ve showed
I am standing.
Tightening up my throat,
Strengthening up my chest and feet
I am standing.
I am standing with all my will.
No one’s forcing.
No one’s pleading.
Right here, I am standing on my own.
For I need to rebuild my loss
Which shall never return even though I grief.
Right here, I am standing on my own.
For I need to be strong
Habituating myself with this burning heat and freezing cold.
Right here, I am standing on my own.
For I need to make a new start,
And to make sure it is better from my deeds.
Right here, I am standing on my own,
On my firm feet.
Now, I am dreaming of a bigger picture.
I am not a giving up creature.
I am ready to face more worse difficulty,
For I know, it will worth that final moment’s beauty.

Many a times it happens when you realize that you have made a mistake and every single person around you are all made on you. You get blamed for everything, and sometimes even for something which you haven’t done. Well, the same thing had happened with me a month ago and I wrote this poem on 20th of February, 2016th at around 3:15pm to 4:16pm. I know it is a bizzare thing but I like to keep a detailed record of my poem :D. Hope you guys enjoy this poem 🙂

Back up! Wake up!

Hey guys! I am a total amateur poet. So, here is something which I wrote as an endeavor to inspire those people who are suddenly daggered by life’s challenges… It is a wake up call.

Back up! Wake up!
You furious fire
You know not what is tire.
Yes, you know not what is failure.

Don’t you mess up your tidy mind
With all those messy stuff
Reckon! Reckon!
Reckon those pains, those downs, that you suffered
Reckon those dreams, those hopes, that you treasured.
You knew it would be uneasy and tough.
But you chose and walked on that path so rough.

You were different from those around.
Your guts to kiss the failure knew no bound.
Your aim was the greatest one ever
Thirteen thousands times you failed!
But had even one time cried never!
Never did you mind how many times you got knocked down.
But now why you are here laying broken on the ground?

Back up! Wake up!
You furious fire
You know not what is tire.
Yes, you know not what is failure.